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About Goss & DeLeeuw

With an installed base in excess of 3,000 machines dating back to the 1920's, the Goss machines are still going strong and can provide its customers with efficient & productive manufacturing well into the future. Although Goss machines are no longer being made, the Goss & DeLeeuw Parts Company can supply the parts you need to keep your machine up and running. We are the exclusive owner of the original engineering prints used to make the parts that went into your Goss machine when it was first built so you don't have to worry that your new parts will match those original specifications. If your machine needs service, we can refer you to a company that can have a former Goss & DeLeeuw Machine Company Serviceman come to your location to inspect and service your machine.
We can also refer you to a rebuilder if your machine needs a more comprehensive update.

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